IPv6 Conformance Test Suite for TEC MTCTE

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  • ProtoHive mini - for IP driven consumer devices
  • ProtoHive max - for Enterprise Routers

TEC Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE)

From 1st August 2019, MTCTE scheme from Telecom Engineering Center (TEC) comes into effect. MTCTE scheme mandates the technical testing of all equipment which is used or capable of being used with Indian Telecom Networks. Testing parameters are given in "Essential Requirements" for each equipment type. One of the technical requirement that cuts across multiple equipment types is IPv6 Protocol Conformance. Be it a consumer product like Smart Watch or Mobile Phone, or Enterprise Grade Products like Routers etc.

Compliance Requirements
# Equipment Type RFC Support Required
1 Mobile Phone RFC 2460, RFC 4213
2 Smart Watch RFC 2460, RFC 4213
3 IoT Devices RFC 2460, RFC 4213
4 Routers RFC 2460, RFC 4443, RFC 1981, RFC 4861, RFC 4862,
RFC 2740, RFC 2328, RFC 4271, RFC 2545, RFC 5036

ProtoHive mini

ProtoHive Mini is a GUI driven and fully automated test suite to check IPv6 protocol compliance of consumer devices like mobile phones, smart watches and other wearables. Almost all of such consumer devices have 'Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address' built in, making their IPv6 conformance testing tricky. ProtoHive Mini automatically detects the device under test and presents a fully automated framework for testing without any intervention from tester.

ProtoHive Mini generates Test Execution Logs, Test Summary Report and raw TCPDUMP traces for every test it executes.


ProtoHive Max

This version is for testing the protocol compliance of IPv6 Router categories.

Full RFC Coverage

TEC mandates only sections of RFCs, but ProtoHive Max supports full RFC coverage.

Flexible Configuration

Tests could be confiugred through MAC or IPv6 addressing. Flexible remote command line executor for Routers to automate the tests.

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Our Vision

“ We at Whitewater believe that costs of Testing Equipment and Tools needs to come down drastically to encourage ICT manufacturing sector in India for it to deliver the globally competitive quality products. Conformance Test Labs also play a pivotal role in Industry by ensuring the safety, quality and security of products being inducted into Indian Telecom networks.
As a Make in India initiative, we have developed ProtoHive Suite for conformance Test Labs and Manufacturers. ProtoHive is a suite of automated tools to check conformance of various protocols as per ‘Essential Requirements‘ mandated by Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) India, under the MTCTE scheme.
Our goal is to become a major player in Indian ICT Testing Tool industry and help the Indian manufacturing sector in achieving the heights they deserve. ”

Other Available Test Packages

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RTP - RFC 3550
RTCP - RFC 3551
IPSEC - Phase 2
DHCP v6 - Phase 2
DNS v6 - Phase 2

Under Development

ITSAR Security
OPNFV Test Tools

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